Watch Red 2 Online Free (2013) or Download Red 2 Movie Today : In “Red 2,” Bruce Willis’s retired C.I.A. operative Frank Moses and his former unwitting hostage/ward, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), very briefly enjoy their domestic bliss shopping at Costco before Marvin (John Malkovich) suddenly emerges from the next aisle urging them to join him. A Cold War-era document concerning a missing nuclear weapon has surfaced online (opportunity to name-drop WikiLeaks/Reddit/2chan missed), implicating Frank and Marvin by name. Just about every major power’s intelligence agency, infiltrated by its own bloodthirsty warmonger, wants to capture the two in order to secure the weapon of mass destruction and serve its particular agenda. And Frank’s friend (Helen Mirren), foe (Lee Byung-hun) and old flame (Catherine Zeta-Jones) have each enlisted to be hot on his trail.

Download Red 2 Movie Free (2013) or Watch Red 2 Online Today : What transpires is a globe-trotting tale of espionage peppered with breathtaking action set pieces, reminiscent of the rebooted “Mission: Impossible” series with Tom Cruise. And “Red 2” is a particularly good one at that, worthy of comparison with Brad Bird’s hugely successful “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.” The most spectacular thing in “Red 2” doesn’t involve its star dangling from a skyscraper, though. In fact, it comes in the form of the South Korean actor, Mr. Lee. His villainy is such a delicious sight to behold that, when he’s through fighting, the entire auditorium is actually cheering for him. You want him to live another day for his inevitable big showdown with Mr. Willis.

Watch Red 2 Online Free (2013) or Download Red 2 Movie Today : The fluidity between good and evil here is actually the coolest aspect of the movie. Without giving too much away, the film gets totally awesome when Frank eventually recruits some of his archenemies to help save the day. You see, Frank needs all the help he can get because he’s facing a Dr. Strangelove-esque terrorist played by Anthony Hopkins, who has apparently been secreted inside a mental institution for decades, scribbling on the wall and listening to classical music as if he were going to dine on some fava beans with a nice Chianti. Aside from blatant plugs for Papa John’s and the aforementioned Costco, the most irksome aspect of the film is its equally gratuitous underlying pro-National Rifle Association politics. It’s not that surprising coming from a Bruce Willis flick, but its thesis of gun lovers being morally superior to bomb lovers is still entirely suspect.

Download Red 2 Movie Free (2013) or Watch Red 2 Online Today : RED 2 is the sequel to the 2010 DC Comics graphic novel adaptation and stars Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Is RED 2 a worthy successor to the original spy thriller or should this sequel have stayed retired? Frank Moses is a happy being a retired spy. He lives a simple life with his girlfriend, Sarah. One day while shopping for overly useless items at Costco, Frank is tracked down by his ex-spy buddy, Marvin, who wants him to come back into the business because a highly classified document has been released on Wikileaks naming both of them as having knowledge of a highly secret weapons program called “Night Shade.” Content living as a civilian, Frank refuses. To change his mind, Marvin fakes his own death to draw out the people trying to assassinate him and Frank.


Watch Red 2 Online Free (2013) or Download Red 2 Movie Today : It works and Frank, Marvin, and Sarah must travel the globe in order to stop the wrong government from getting their hands on the Night Shade weapon of mass destruction, but it’s not going to be easy as agents from numerous agencies want them all dead. When RED (acronym for Retired, Extremely Dangerous) came out in 2010, I really liked it. It was an adaptation from a graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. I never read the comic, but if it’s anything like the movie, I bet I would enjoy it much the same. When I heard a sequel was coming out I was a bit excited as I thought the chemistry and humor of the original cast was great to watch. I was sad that Morgan Freeman wasn’t returning, but I thought the additions of Oscar winners Catherine Zeta-Jones and Anthony Hopkins would be fine replacements.

Download Red 2 Movie Free (2013) or Watch Red 2 Online Today : That being said, I left the the theater from my screening of RED 2 not really excited anymore. While the film was entertaining and contained lots of humorous moments, thanks primarily to John Malkovich, it felt like it was a conglomeration of bits and pieces of other movies jumbled together in a plot that was simple but yet a bit convoluted. There was plenty of action from bullets to car chases, but felt like the sum of the parts was greater than the whole. Instantly a geriatric version Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol sprung to mind as Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker head to Paris, London, and Moscow trying to find a weapon of mass destruction.

Watch Red 2 Online Free (2013) or Download Red 2 Movie Today : Bruce Willis returns as Frank Moses. I did like the character, but I felt very similar to his role as Jimmy ‘The Tulip’ Tudeski from The Whole Nine Yards, especially with the interactions with Mary-Louise Parker. He struggles to live a normal life but has his dangerous past bringing him back in the game. While I can understand the awkwardness of his character trying to get his civilian girlfriend to understand, it was this part of the movie I found rather annoying, but maybe that’s because I thought the character of Sarah was really irritating. Every time the action got good and the heroes were kicking ass, Paker as Sarah came in and mucked it all up with her inexperience and overcompensating. Now I get that it is this aspect that was the charm of the film, but over time, it just drags down the momentum.


Download Red 2 Movie Free (2013) or Watch Red 2 Online Today : Who really steals the show is John Malkovich as Marvin. I really enjoyed his performance. He wasn’t just the comic relief, but the actual heart and soul of the movie. Without Malkovich, the movie would have been a disaster. I also liked Helen Mirren as retired English secret agent, Victoria. I’ll tell you, for a woman her age, she still looks great. Rounding out the rest of the supporting cast is Catherine Zeta-Jones as a Russian agent and former lover of Frank, Byung Hun Lee as a paid assassin with a vendetta against Frank, and Neal McDonough as an American agent who will torture anyone to justify his means. I didn’t forget Anthony Hopkins, but I don’t want to spoil exactly what his role is in the film. Out of the Supporting cast, I really liked Byung Hun Lee. He played Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe movies. He was really cool with his martial arts that he could almost have a stand alone film. He also provides the panty drop moment in the movie that the ladies will love.

Watch Red 2 Online Free (2013) or Download Red 2 Movie Today : RED 2 wasn’t overly predictable as one might expect, but there was nothing that made the film unique. I do like ensemble cast movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Expendables, but except for the main characters, the rest seemed to be afterthoughts not really adding anything to the story’s progression. The bad guys had weak attempts of being diabolical, and heroes lacked direction. Don’t get me wrong, the good guys most definitely had a purpose, but they didn’t give anything to the audience to care about them. Nothing in the film really stood out to make me want to tell people to run out to see the film. RED 2 is not a horrible film, but with a mega star power attached to the film, it lacks a certain wow factor that I was expecting. There is no need to rush out to theaters to see it. I’d recommend just waiting for it to hit the rental market as the film really doesn’t need a theater to enjoy it. In the meantime, I’d recommend checking out movies like The Losers, The Whole Nine Yards, or Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to watch at home.