"Dexter" season 8 episode 8 "Are We There Yet?" airs Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 9 p.m. If you can't watch the episode Sunday night, you can visit the official Showtime site the night after the episode airs and watch the entire episode for free online. There are now only five more episodes left in the series before "Dexter" comes to an end. The show seems to be slowing down and lacking direction right now, so "Are We There Yet?" asks a very relevant question.

Showtime has released a preview of "Are We There Yet?" for you to watch online free. In the online promo we can see the continuation of the plotline involving Dexter's protégé Zach. Dexter has been trying to teach Zach "Harry's Code" and how to control his urge to kill after he decided to spare Zach his table and take him under his wing. Of course things aren't going according to plan, Zach is young and impatient and he is unable to as fully control his urges as Dexter can. Zach is unable to control his urges and he may have been responsible for the death of Cassie, Dexter's neighbor who was interested in him. We know that Dexter thinks Zach did it, but there's a possibility that someone else killed her, perhaps Hannah McKay who is back in Dexter's life or even Debra in a fit of jealousy.

Dexter" season 8 episode 8 "Are We There Yet?" picks up where we left off with a major cliffhanger from the previous episode. Hannah McKay returns to Dexter's life, but not for revenge as we speculated before. It seems that Hannah has acquired a new identity and a new husband once again after escaping from prison. She is with Miles Foster, a very wealthy man and it seems that she has returned to Dexter because she wants him to kill Miles. Viewers will recall this is something of a traditional tactic for Hannah, she killed her husband before (with poison) and inherited his house. At first glance it seems odd that Hannah would ask for Dexter's help when we know her to be fully capable of killing Miles herself, but it seems clear that she wants to rekindle her relationship.

Dexter" season 8 episode 8 "Are We There Yet" renews the tension between Dexter and Debra and their conflicted relationship. Dr. Vogel doesn't feature much, but we can clearly feel that she is pleased that Dexter and Debra are coming back into conflict over Hannah McKay because that gives her some role and influence in Dexter's life. Debra very much wants Dexter to get rid of Hannah by killing her, when Dexter says that he will get on top of it, she bitingly responds, "On top of it, or on top of her?" Dexter still clearly has feelings for Hannah McKay, but he is torn with his feelings for Debra so that is going to be a major issue for him.

Dexter" season 8 episode 8 "Are We There Yet" may see Zach be killed and possibly Hannah too. Ultimately Miles was killed in the last episode with Dexter dumping his body in the boat. Dexter now needs to confront whether he is going to kill Hannah and Zach, or if someone else will beat him to it. We can certainly see Debra trying to kill her, she suggested she might do just that if Dexter failed to find a permanent solution to the Hannah McKay problem. Meanwhile we also have to wonder what Zach is up to, did he actually kill Cassie and is he attempting to cover his tracks or is he not responsible?

Dexter" season 8 episode 8 "Are We There Yet" looks like it might be one where several loose ends are tied up. We also may get a hint about how the show will end. Hannah McKay isn't the only loose end in Dexter's life it is worth recalling. There is also another former love, Lumen, who left him after he helped her get revenge on the men who tortured her. The show is trying to tie up loose ends so we wouldn't be surprised if she made an appearance, along with Astor and Cody. Surely now that they are older they may be having suspicions about Rita's death. It's still an open question about what may cause Dexter's downfall, if there is one.

We will have to wait and watch "Dexter" season 8 episode 8 "Are We There Yet?" online Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 9 p.m. to find out what happens. With only five episodes remaining in the series we are likely to see the plot pick up and a more solid challenge or antagonist for Dexter that could prove to be his undoing. Or maybe he gets away with it, who knows.