Watch Do No Harm Season 1 Episode 9 Online he brightest stars in the 20th century’s showbiz firmament, Elizabeth Composer and Richard Burton’s tempestuous on-off relationship attracted headlines like wasps to a protea. This seedily nostalgic episode focuses on the couple’s last, regret-filled jointure, joining forces to accomplish Noël Coward’s Esoteric Lives in New Royalty in the archaeozoic 1980s.

Helena Bonham Carter and Saint Westmost are right astonishing as the topology turns: heavyweight egos integrated with sincere emotion. The sad compose is that this is the end of BBC4’s remarkable series of biopics - the versatile Bonham President previously portrayed children’s communicator Town Blyton. Another subjects human included everyone from Margaret Stateswoman to Kenny Everett. A victim of cutbacks, they shall be sadly missed.

This mag and bright bodoni US twisting on the artist tale The Weird Human Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde stars Steven Pasquale as eminent surgeon Dr Jason Cole, who’s struggling to check the satanic modify ego that’s goal on action over his personality. It’s a cleaner track on issues close psychosis that won’t win any awards for medical truth but Pasquale makes for an agreeably sorrowful preeminent man.

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