I’m starting to lose faith that this show, Ray Donovan, is going to eventually pick up the pace. Last week’s episode gave us all hope that the show was heading towards an exciting climax. With a series of hallucinations, a defiant FBI agent, and a gun standoff between Ray and Mickey; this week’s episode had realistic promise of excitement. However, this was left undelivered.

The episode opens with Ray packing his bags in preparation for his trip to Boston. Abby continues her habit of asking Ray to explain himself but this gets her nowhere. Ray heads downstairs and tries to talk to his children. However both of them still seem shaken from seeing their father wield a gun the previous night. Suddenly the neighbor, Marvin bursts into the house, furious at Ray for not telling him that his mother died. Ray pins the kid to the wall and takes him outside. He takes a gun from Marvin and leaves him with a warning; never go near Ray’s daughter again.

After dealing with Marvin, Ray heads off to Boston. While in Boston, the Donovan’s go different ways. Abby vents her frustrations and anger toward her husband by going out to lunch with Ezra’s girlfriend. The two talk about many things, from Ezra’s dog to Ray’s shady apartment. It is revealed that Mickey killed Ray’s old girlfriend. The pair then decide to go shoe shopping. In a state of spontaneity, Abby steals the shoes from the store she is at. However, Abby is incredibly drunk, falls, and is arrested. Meanwhile Ray’s daughter goes to Marvin’s house to see if he is okay. The two sing together and celebrate his new birthday. As the two get intimate, Marvin goes too far and upsets Ray’s daughter. She runs away, upset at what occurred.