Husbands tells the story of two young successful men, Brady, a pro-athlete, and Cheeks, an actor. They haven’t been dating very long when a national marriage-equality law passes and they head to Las Vegas to celebrate – and wake up married! What follows is classic romantic comedy with a marriage-equality twist.

The first season of Husbands was a critical and popular success, and the creators want to make more episodes. They are devoting their own resources to the production, but they need additional help to make these episodes as full, rich and satisfying as they can be. An upgrade in production (new cameras! new locations!) and ambition (guest stars! new characters!) requires some input from the fans.

We’ve designed a full slate of rewards and we think you’ll find something there that will fit your means and fulfill your hopes. The anticipated DVD of Husbands Season One is there, along with other choice items and chances to interact with the cast and creators, and even to become part of the act!

We at Husbands love our fans, the ones who’ve been there with us from the beginning, and those who are just finding us now. Team Husbands isn’t just us, it’s all of you, too. Thank you!

And now, here's an exclusive Husbands blooper reel to show our appreciation for you helping us reach 25k!